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The Association of Deregulated Petrol Stations of Andalusia (AGLA in Spanish) was incorporated in 1998, when the fuel market was deregulated. Today we have a renewed image, over 80 associates, and agreements with the main petrol station suppliers in order to guarantee full service and the lowest fuel prices.

Our mission is to centralise the fuel orders placed by our associates, bearing in mind the price...


There is power in numbers and that is the Associationᄡs main objetive. To achieve that 80 % of the over 200 independent service stations in all of andalusia come toguether in the association.

These are the companies with which AGLA has established agreements to benefit its associates.

This is an association of Deregulated Service Stations, incorporated with the main purpose to improve our businesses, based on the joint efforts of the associates themselves. Currently the Association comprises 80 Service Stations, which as a whole purchase over 150 million litres per year, the annual growth constant is twenty per cent, both in associates and in purchases.